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Mummer, the Common Yellowthroat

Talk about making a statement, the Common Yellowthroat is easy to identify by his black face mask. The females do not have the black masks, but otherwise look very similar with yellow throats and a little more brown along their backs.

The Common Yellowthroat is another Warbler who is often prey to Brown-headed Cowbirds’ brood parasitism. That is the term used to describe the Cowbirds tactic of laying their eggs in other birds nests to be raised. The Yellow Warbler and Common Yellowthroat often build stories in their nest to try and combat this, but the Common Yellowthroat has another tactic. They will also abandon a nest that has been visited by a Cowbird.

Their yellowthroats remind me of the need to highlight this songbird’s call. Check out this Wild Bird and Nature Video by McElroy of the Common Yellowthroat on Youtube

Here is the rest of our gathering for the Common Yellowthroat:

Until next time, keep birding <3 Kate

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