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Bubbling Bob, the Bobolink

What a fun sentence full of alliteration: Today our Burgess bird is Bubbling Bob the Bobolink! Writing that this morning is a great start to the day.

Bobolinks… ever heard of them? Unfortunately, this is a bird that is getting harder to find.

If you are hoping to ever spot one you should look in the grasslands or abandoned fields around you. They can be seen and heard around those long stalks of grass. Within those fields, they build their nests on the ground and when reading about them in our Burgess Bird Book we find that Jimmy Skunk is very interested in Bubbling Bob’s nest. Thankfully Bubbling Bob and his wife are very clever and lead Jimmy Skunk in the wrong direction to protect their nest.

Here is a great clip of a male Bobolink singing and I love it because you can see his back as he hops along the fence line. The Cornell Lab adds that Bobolinks are the only North American bird with black underparts and sections of white on their back calling his pattern a reverse tuxedo. (source)

The Kensington Conservacy

Until next time, keep on birding! <3 Kate

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