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A Little Extra Ham

When you make ham there is a LOT leftover, right? It’s a frequent visitor to our freezer and it makes an excellent Savory Dutch Baby. This time, I wanted something that was a little different- but the same flavors. So, I took some of our leftover ham and warmed it up in my skillet:

Meanwhile I prepared some scrambled egg, which we always make with coconut milk because we can all tolerate it. After warming my ham for a bit, I added the eggs:

I let it cook underneath for a bit, and started to turn the eggs to scramble them up:

And for the last step I added some freshly grated Parmesan cheese on top while still in the skillet in order to melt:

Served on tortillas with a little bit of hot sauce and it made the perfect lunch!

Any other ideas for all this leftover ham?!

Keep on cooking in cast iron! Until next time, <3 Kate

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Cast Iron Progress

It’s been more than 6 months since I started using our Kitchen Tallow on my Cast Iron. I wanted to show you the progress from what it was, pictured above…

To what it is now:

The skillet on the right hand side is the same skillet that was in such poor condition last year. The difference has been amazing.

Let me give you three reasons why I love our tallow and use it everyday:

  1. It’s simple to use and easy to apply. I simply scrape off the food and clean the skillet, dry it over heat on the stovetop, and then apply some tallow with a cotton towel.
  2. It’s not an oily or greasy mess in between cooking. Because tallow solidifies as it cools in temperature, it forms a nice layer to protect your cast iron between uses that doesn’t rub off onto everything it touches. I LOVE that aspect of it. I used to hate the way vegetable oils got everywhere.
  3. It only adds flavor to my recipes and complements everything that I cook with my cast iron- savory or sweet.

Check it out today in our shop, you won’t be disappointed! Happy Cooking <3 Kate

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First Week Round-Up

Last week was the start of what I think is going to be such a fun adventure! Even in the midst of uncertainty, fear, anxiety, and such awful events- there is so much inspiration, change, and good taking place. I’ll admit it’s hard to find it sometimes, and so I’m grateful to have a place this year to build good positive community, to grow and learn, and to share lives together. So, if this is the first time your hearing about our Cast Iron Celebration going on this year then check here for details: How to Join In

We started a discussion on our Facebook group, Cast Iron Journey 2021, discussing how we clean our cast-iron after we cook with it. We had a mixed degree of “to use soap, or not to use soap”. What do you do to clean your cast-iron?

This week in our group, we’ll move into the basics of seasoning our Cast-Iron. You can find it here:

We also started posting on Instagram with the #castiron2021.

Collaboration and Sharing has begun with some recipe posts and even adaptations. We had two delicious Cast-iron recipe/ideas shared by our group:

Cast-Iron Skillet Cornbread, which obviously was a smashing success:


Skillet Chicken Pot Pie made with Homemade Biscuits, recipe found here:

It was another winning recipe:

And was even adapted to AIP by one of our group members:

She changed the homemade biscuits to this recipe:

And substituted the dairy with coconut milk!

I love seeing all this creativity in cooking and sharing! Learn along with us!

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How to Join In:

  • Follow #castiron2021 on Instagram
  • Post the recipes you love to make in your cast-iron cookware (or the new things you try!!!) on Facebook and Instagram, include the hashtag #castiron2021
  • Tag @connorscollective.etsy on Instagram and share on our ConnorsRdCollective page on Facebook so that we can see your posts and include your posts and recipes on our page, especially if you really loved something you found!
  • Include the disasters, not every journey is smooth so even if a dish turns into a disaster or differently than you expected- let’s share it!
  • Try out some of our Kitchen Tallow to enjoy the experience even more and find out how to properly season and keep your cast-iron in good shape, or teach us how you do it!