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Sprite, the Northern Parula

As quickly as the Warblers arrived, they left. In Burgess’ classic “The Burgess Bird Book for Children,” Peter finds a Warbler that stays in the Green Forest, the Northern Parula. He notices Sprite by finding his nest which looks like a bunch of moss hanging from a tree. Cornell Lab explains that Northern Parulas actually depend on moss in order to build their nests and habitat loss affects their ability to breed in certain places (source). The particular mosses that they depend on are Spanish moss in the Southern United States and Beard Moss in the Northern United States.

Here is a great introduction of the Northern Parula and their nest building by Bob Duchesne on Youtube

Here is the rest of our gathering for Sprite:

They really are a beautiful bird! Until next time, keep birding! <3 Kate

Burgess Bird Pages

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