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Carol, the Eastern Meadowlark

Eastern Meadowlarks are very common in the prairie grasslands around where I live. Have I seen one? No, not yet, but it is my goal to see one out in the field. How often do you go to a particular ecosystem in order to see a particular bird? Most often, I don’t organize our outings that way. But as we continue to bird watch and log, it would be a good idea to research where the birds we want to see are, what time of day and what season are the best times to see them, and before going, study up on their identification markers.

Even though the Meadowlark has lark in its name, it’s a Blackbird, just like Cowbirds and Orioles. They love to eat insects and are ground foragers.

Grade 3, Form 1 Student (image taken from his Burgess Birds Coloring & Writing Page)

One really interesting thing is that there are Eastern and Western Meadowlarks found in North America and they are almost identical ( If you watch the video below, you’ll see that the males have a black collar on their chest and this really helps to identify them in the field. They have a beautiful song:

#MyBackyardBIrding on Youtube

Until next time, keep birding! <3 Kate

Find my Burgess Bird Coloring Pages here.

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