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Weaver, the Orchard Oriole

Baltimore Oriole you’ve probably heard of before, but Orchard Oriole? Maybe not.

The Orchard Oriole exchanges the beautiful orange of his Baltimore cousin with a chestnut brown. The females are very different from the males, wearing yellow and green feathers.

Here is a video of what an Immature Male looks like, much more like the female except with a black throat, and it’s call:

Go Trails Orchard Oriole

Both Orchard and Baltimore Orioles make hanging nests. As Peter Rabbit finds out from Striped Chipmunk,

“Do they have a hanging nest like Goldy’s?’ asked Peter a bit timidly. ‘Not such a deep one,’ replied Striped Chipmunk. ‘They hang it between the twigs near the end of a branch, but they bind it more closely to the branch and it isn’t deep enough to swing as Goldy’s does.”

Check out this beautiful video of the female Orchard Oriole building her nest:

From the Forest Preserve District of Will County

Until next time, keep on birding! <3 Kate

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