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A Giant Blueberry Muffin

My husband and I were watching the series “The Ultimate Braai Master” on Netflix and we were inspired to try this recipe earlier in the week. Over the fire or in the oven, it’s simply a good idea. It’s a gigantic blueberry muffin with the same great taste, nostalgia, and a different kind of portability… the kind of ingredients that it’s easy to take camping.

I found the recipe over at Getaway magazine. It was a little difficult to research what “tots” might mean. I am under the impression that it’s something that Jan Braai has developed especially to help with potjie recipes and outdoor cooking. You need some melted butter and maybe you have a shot glass with you. A tot is a small amount of something like whiskey. So where the recipe says 3 tots melted butter, I used about 4 Tbsp. of melted butter and it worked!

My Dutch Oven Giant Blueberry Muffin…. yum

To make it in the Oven to 350* F, simply preheat your oven and then follow the directions for mixing and adding ingredients. Cover it with a lid and bake it in the oven. I baked it while we ate dinner and waited for that muffin smell to permeate the kitchen, checking it every now and then until it was a good golden brown muffin color.

We ate some for dessert that night and then for breakfast the next morning.

Until next time, keep cooking in Cast Iron <3 Kate

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