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Eastern Wood-Pewee

“A little bit bigger than his cousin, Chebec, but looked very much like him,” Peter thought about Pewee, the Eastern Wood-Pewee. He loves to repeat his name. “Pee-wee! Pee-wee!” Give him a listen:

From Wild Bird and Nature Videos by McElroy Productions

Pewee is called the Wood-Pewee because you’ll most often find him in the forest. highlights that “when several flycatcher species live in the same forest, the Eastern Wood-Pewee tends to forage higher in the trees than the Least and Acadian flycatchers, but lower than the Great Crested Flycatcher.” Flycatchers are known to “sally out” or set out in a sudden manner because of their great love for insects. But the Wood-Pewee takes frequent pauses in between, which helps for us to observe them a little bit more when we find them.

Find what we learned about the Eastern Wood-Pewee below:

Form 1, Grade 3 Student

Pewee is the last of the Burgess Bird Flycatchers, next time, we’ll meet some interesting birds you may not have heard of or seen! Stay tuned!

Until then, keep on birding! <3 Kate

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