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Chebec, the Least Flycatcher

You can see above all the things we learned about Chebec this term.

Chebec… I really like the name that Burgess gave this bird. Since he named it after its call, I had to hear for myself! Find Garth McElroy’s video of Chebec on Youtube

Burgess identifies this call as a repeated use of it’s name, “Chebec, chebec” and so does! Last weekend, I went on a birding hike by myself, which never happens, and came to a corner of the trail where I kept hearing so many different calls at once. I stood in one place for at least 15 minutes waiting for the birds to call and to fly. Low and behold, I was able to identify a Least Flycatcher! It was so exciting because guess what- the time that our family has spent in Burgess Birds, and then going in greater detail in studying birds, is helping! The list of calls that I can identify is growing right along with my kids’ lists!

The one thing that goes right along with call identification is behavior. I could see that the birds were perching on the trees and towering stems around the meadow and darting around to catch insects. I was even able to snap one picture from afar, and could distinguish it’s gray and olive green coloring just before it took off:

Least Flycatcher

I found a few more birds on my hike that I’ll tell you about when the time comes. It was so fun to get out and spend a little time endeavoring to find some on my own!

Until next time, keep on birding! <3 Kate

For more information on The Burgess Bird Coloring Pages check here:

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