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Burgess Bird Book CHAPTERS 13-24

Included in Chapters 13 through 24 of The Burgess Bird Book are the Eastern Meadowlark, Swallows and a Swift, a Kingfisher, a Great Blue Heron, a Whip Poor Will, a Common Nighthawk and more! The Red Tailed Hawk was the most difficult bird to draw as a coloring page, but to be honest so were the Whip Poor Will, Chuck Will’s Widow, and the Common Nighthawk. They are particularly difficult because of how amazingly camouflaged they are! I wanted to draw attention to some of their identifying details while still leaving room for creativity in coloring.

If I could choose a mascot for this round of Burgess Birds (or myself), I would choose the Ruffled Grouse, “Strutter”! He is quite the distinguished gentleman!

It will be a few weeks before our family dives into these birds in detail, but until then you can find our other birds in detail on our page Burgess Birds in Detail.

I’m so grateful to be able to make and complete these pages with my children. It has helped our bird identification and passion tremendously this year and started us on a path of life-long learning together. As we progress as a family, our goal is to help local chapters collect detailed counts of birds in our area.

If you want to learn yourself or together as a family, find the links for our coloring and writing pages here:

Until next time, keep birding! <3 Kate

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