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Burgess Bird Book

We began our time in a Cycle 2 of A Gentle Feast this week and started a new nature study book that you know we are excited about… The Burgess Bird Book.

Thornton W. Burgess is so good at capturing the animal life of the forest through his characters. In The Burgess Bird Book, Peter Rabbit meets Jenny Wren as she arrives back in the forest just in time for Spring. As she checks on the home she left for the winter, she introduces Peter to some of the birds, carefully explaining their characteristics, behavior, and quirks. This book is action packed, as Peter comes into close contact with many other birds as he hops around the Green Forest. This is such a useful book to go through with children, and to enjoy as an adult, because it leads to the further study of birds, which is a family passion for us!

I’m really excited because a friend of mine convinced me to make coloring pages for this book and guess what!.. I finished the first term of birds, covering Chapters 1-12. I’ll share how we use our coloring pages with the book in another post, but for now I’ll leave you to check them out here:

Jenny Wren and Sparrows

Until next time, Happy Birding <3 Kate

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