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Potjie Spirit Week!

What is it?

Something that I just made up…. haha, but I wanted to invite you all to learn a little more about the traditional South African potjie. Pronounced “Poi-kee”

Potjiekos is literally translated “small-pot food” from Afrikaans and is a traditional way of cooking outdoors for Afrikaners. The potjie is a descendant of the Dutch oven which traveled from the Netherlands to South Africa in the 17th century. Now it is found throughout much of Southern Africa, in the hearths of all its diverse people groups.

The other day we were treated to food from a potjie that was seasoned with Oarsman Marine Kitchen Tallow the day before and the potjiekos was delicious! It was a lamb and vegetable small-pot food! Find more about our Kitchen Tallow.

Why is it Potjie Spirit Week in my mind? Because this week we are going camping and bringing along our Potjie. We are going to enjoy some potjiekos around our campfire and we can’t wait. I’ll be posting more of our cooking adventures from camping soon so stay tuned!

Until then, enjoy your cast iron! <3 Kate

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