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Burgess Animal Coloring Pages

After a few weeks of hard work, I’m happy to announce that the first round of Burgess Animal Coloring Pages are in the shop. They include 19 animals that Burgess writes about in the first 12 chapters of the book. I have to tell you that it is very difficult to draw a North American Porcupine, I tried a few different ways and in the end this is Prickly Porky:

My kids remarked that they really like African Crested Porcupines better.

Did you know that North American Porcupines can climb trees? It’s true!- My sister has always sworn that it is so, but I didn’t believe her, until I started researching them this year with the kids. This is what Burgess writes about Prickly Porky in “The Little Burgess Animal Book”:

It is in the Green Forest that we look for Prickly Porky. Just look for a tree that has recently been stripped of its bark and you will find Prickly Porky in the neighborhood. In winter he lives on bark, buds, and tender twigs. In summer he enjoys leaves and green plants. He is crazy for salt and does a lot of mischief around camps by gnawing things that have been handled by man. It is for the salty taste.

Burgess, Little Animal Book — PRICKLY PORKY the porcupine. An independent fellow with a thousand little spears in his coat.

If you are interested in the First Round of Coloring and Writing pages, you can always find them here. The PDFs include: 1) a set of coloring and writing pages and 2) a set of coloring pages. It is my goal to complete all of the coloring pages by the middle of June, 2021. Until then, you can find them in our shop on Etsy.

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