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Marmots, Pika, and Sewellel, Oh MY!

The next installment of the Burgess Animal Book for Children coloring pages are in the shop featuring Marmots, along with the cutest relative of rabbits- the Pika, and the great “Mountain Beaver” or Sewellel. The hardest animal to draw this time was the Sewellel and my favorite to draw was the Pika because it’s just so cute.

Woodchucks are often called Groundhogs and they are also from the Sciuridae Family like our Squirrel friends. I thought it would be fun to include one of the descriptions Thornton W. Burgess included in his “The Little Burgess Animal Book”. We have a vintage edition that I purchased from Etsy and it is very well-loved. I love that it gives little summaries for many of the animals in the larger book.


is the Hoary Marmot, own cousin to Johnny Chuck and looking much like him but handsomer and very much larger. He lives high up in the mountains of the Far West. There he loves to sit on a big rock, or other high point, from which he can look far in all directions. His sight and hearing are wonderful. And how that fellow can whistle! He can be heard for more than a mile. When he sees an enemy, he whistles a warning to all his friends. Johnny Chuck and Whistler are really big ground-loving Squirrels.”

Page 42, The Little Burgess Animal Book

You can find these pages with the Ch 1-12 bundle here in the shop.

And if you want to know where we found this resource for our homeschool you can check out our curriculum here: A Gentle Feast.

Until next time, enjoy Spring! <3 Kate

Check out The Burgess Animal Book for Children:

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