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The Burgess Animal Book for Children

This book by Thornton W. Burgess is one of our favorite resources from our year in A Gentle Feast Cycle 1, Form 1.

My kids have all loved the stories because we all love animals! Burgess writes about the animals by making them into characters, who are fun to listen to, imitate, and learn from. Each of my children, ages 7, 5, and 2 1/2, have something to enjoy when we read it.

Every week when I read the chapter, the kids spend time coloring one of the animals according to the physical characteristics described in the book and we love to make little fact sheets of the different animals. At the end of the year, we’ll have a sheet for each of the animals Burgess covers in detail. We’ve been doing this from coloring sheets found online this year, but because we loved it so much, I have started a fun project.

Coloring and Information Sheets for each of the characters in the book!

I’m making digital download bundles for each of the Animal Families and will put them in the shop as they are ready. When you buy one you will be emailed the download, which you can save to your computer, and print whenever you need them.

Check it out as you are planning for next year, new bundles coming shortly!

This first one is for ch. 1-4 which features the Leporidae Family: the Cottontail Rabbit, the Hare, the Marsh Rabbit, and the Arctic Hare. Depending on your child’s artistic interests you can spend time watercoloring these or using colored pencils or crayons, it’s all up to you.

Find it in the Shop!

Until later, be sure to get out into the garden and find some rabbits this Spring! <3 Kate

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