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Week 3 Round-Up

Our highlights from Week 3 of our Cast Iron Journey:

We shared 2 Clafoutis recipes. One Gluten-full clafoutis made as a brunch dish with cranberry orange in the flavoring. And one Gluten-free clafoutis made with berries- definitely much sweeter and perfect for dessert. You can find those recipes in our group here:

We have people joining us from all over the world, so please join in the fun! We also had some more recipe adaptations inspired by recipes or ideas shared from previous weeks which was fun to watch. With Beef Pot Pie and Tamale Pie being invented and reinvented. And we gathered Corn Bread Skillet recipes, asking everyone to share their favorite.

We were inspired by this pic and while that is an attainable goal and centerpiece, I can recommend another easy storage solution which is pictured beside the Pinterest worthy idea. I got this one on Amazon a few weeks ago, a five tier storage stand!

A goal….a reality and storage saving solution

And when it’s safe to do so, we would love to treat everybody in the world to a traditional over-the-fire potjie at our place because it is an amazing time of fellowship and great food! I can’t wait for the Spring, when we can start sharing more outdoor cast-iron experiences and recipes with one another.

Some of our Instagram activity as well for you to see:

An easy beef pot pie throw it together dish & an awesome thrift store find- cast-iron muffin pan!

I’ll sign off for now, but if you’re new to this…. You can start here: How to Join In. Join our Facebook group and follow us on Instagram @connorsrdcollective.etsy

Happy Cast-iron Days!

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