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The Bright Side

We can all be an Eeyore. It’s the reason that while he is so grumpy, we all secretly love him and identify with him. If we took stock of our own reflections and attitudes during the day, we would probably land on his side of the shore, far away from the optimists. Even when we don’t want to.

During this slow down time, while we wrap up our first term and prepare for being home for the holidays, we are spending some time as a family practicing our even-temperedness. This probably sounds strange to most or a little out-dated, but I can tell you.. it is very needed. Especially when we are all home and struggling with different emotions about the things we are going through as a family or individuals. Does this strike a chord with anyone else?

So, we came up with the question, “What is the bright side?” And promised that we would ask each other this question when certain clouds started to accumulate over one of our heads (or all) and we were very nearly becoming the Eeyore in the bunch. Not because we want to stomp out the gloom or pretend that it doesn’t exist, but because we want to grow in communicating with each other. Because we are all struggling with Reacting instead of Responding during this increased time of togetherness. Because we love each other and want to love each other well.

To the snuggly, sometimes misunderstood Eeyore we ask, “What’s the bright side?”

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