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Apple Butter – Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Apple season is not over! We have loved making different things in our cast iron this year with apples! It makes the whole house smell delicious, no essential oils needed.

Check out how I made Apple Butter in my Dutch Oven this year:


Ingredients: 5 lbs of Apples (I had Gala), 4 Tbsp Lemon Juice, 1 1/3 cup Light Brown Sugar, 4 tsp Cinnamon, 1 cup Apple Cider, 4 tsp Vanilla


First I peeled and cut my apples.

Then I added them to my Cast Iron Dutch Oven and tossed with the lemon juice. After tossing, I sprinkled them with the brown sugar and cinnamon and then stirred in Apple Cider and Vanilla:

I then cooked the apples over medium heat, watching the temperature of my electric cooktop and eventually turning it to medium-low, until the apples were soft.

Next, it was time to blend the apples so I added them with the liquid to my blender, blending them in batches until the entire thing was blended. I poured it back into the Dutch Oven after each batch.

Apple Butter is special and different than apple sauce because you cook it down until it becomes more jammy. So after blending the apples, I cooked it for 2 more hours on low, stirring it every so often. To check if it’s ready, put in a spoon and look to see if it doesn’t slide off right away.

Apple Butter is something that we love to put onto yogurt with our granola in the morning or use to dress up some Autumn style pancakes.

Hope you enjoy and keep cooking with Cast Iron! <3 Kate

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