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Cast Iron Grilling – Fingerling potatoes

We have been waiting to braai (the South African name for grilling, but oh so much more) for a while now. We got the chance this last week when our pellet grill arrived via delivery. It took my husband a few days to find time to put it together during the work week, but this weekend we broke it in with multiple meals.

The first meal we made was grilled pork tenderloin, which was delicious and we paired it with a side made in cast iron:

Fingerling Potatoes

This was so easy to make and we put it on the grill as the tenderloins were resting. To make it, simply add a generous amount of olive oil, salt, pepper, and fresh chives to your fingerling potatoes. Put them into your cast iron skillet and pop it on the grill. It’s even better if you have a grill with a lid… so close the lid and let them cook until they are fork tender. You won’t be disappointed!

We’ll share some more fun with cast iron on the braai next week! Until that, check out our Kitchen Tallow for maintaining and seasoning your cast iron:

Happy Braai-ing! <3 Kate

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