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Re-Seasoning Skillets

Many of us keep our cast iron for a long time or inherit it from someone else. It’s basically indestructible and amazing, so it makes sense, right? It’s a good idea to re-season a skillet when it has been stored away and unused for a long time or if you notice that it needs extra cleaning and love and want to support better seasoning. Check out a simple way to do it here:

Recently, in our Facebook Group, Cast Iron Journey 2021, we saw a video of a lady using onions to season her cast iron. She had a few extra steps that were really interesting to watch. What are some interesting ways you have seen people season their cast iron?

Next week, I’ll get back into into sharing a recipe. I changed from cooking with gas to electric and I’m learning how to manage my cast iron on my stovetop. I’ve always favored gas, but my new electric is pretty nice. Can’t wait to share something I make on it next week!

Until then, keep on cooking with cast iron <3 Kate

For some Kitchen Tallow…

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