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Setting Up House

We have been embarking upon a new adventure over the last month. We bought a house and have been slowly setting it up. It has been fun, exhausting, stressful and joyful all at the same time. Most of all, we are so grateful for more space and a little place to call our own.

There are some fun things that amaze me about this house. It feels like we really spend our Days Around the Spinney now as we have a little one-acre wood. It’s not the Hundred Acre Wood, but it’s certainly sweet enough for us. It came with a fly through bird feeder, hand made by a previous owner, now named Nel’s Nest. The house was built by a boat builder, so it harkens to my father who is a boat builder as well.

Nel’s Nest
I think the dents came from someone ramming into it with their ride-on mower.

As we get settled in, I hope to be back in business mode slowly but surely. I still have to set up my workspace, which will be a dedicated little nook in the house, but I’m making progress. And it’s safe to say that we are happy to be in one place now, together.

Until next time, <3 Kate

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