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Salvadoran Pupusas

Happy Recipe Wednesday! Last week we went on a family trip to see my cousin get married and I took a cast iron break, but I was so happy to be reunited to our cast iron when we got back! I always miss cooking with it when we are away.

El Salvador has a national dish called the Salvadoran Pupusa. It’s easy to make with masa harina and water to form the dough, and you can find different recipes to add more to your fillings…. (I’ll feature some of the them in the next few weeks).

A simple pupusa with cheese

Cheese, refried beans, pork, the possibilities are endless, and I definitely recommend you checking them out. I found this really simple and wonderful recipe- explaining the basics of the method. We’ve tried it with different kind of cheese fillings, enjoying it on the side with some taco salad one night.

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Until next time, Happy Cast Iron Cooking! #castiron2021#castironcommunity

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