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The Last Chapters of Burgess Animal Coloring Pages

Last week, I finished all of the coloring pages for the Burgess Animal Book covered in A Gentle Feast‘s curriculum for Cycle 1, Form 1. Last night, I finished the rest for the book! I’m so grateful to have grown through this process because I had the chance to get to know these animals better.

These last chapters are a bit of an odd round up. I imagine inviting the animals to a party at our house and watching their odd shapes and personalities mingle with one another. The Sea Otter would definitely be the life of the party, the Manatee would be shy, and the Musk Ox would be asked to leave.

Throughout our last year in the book, I used the Dover edition. But just in the last few weeks, Living Books Press released an amazing edition with full color photos. Not only for this book, but also for The Burgess Bird Book and The Burgess Flower Book! Since we already had an edition and I’m saving our School Budget for next year’s books, I purchased the digital copy to end out our time in the book. But guess what I got for next year? Their new edition of The Burgess Bird Book! I can’t wait to show it off to you when I get it. And you may guess where my next project is taking me…

Until then, here is where you can find all of the Coloring Pages for Thornton W. Burgess’s “The Burgess Animal Book for Children”:

Chapters 1-12

Chapters 13-24

Chapters 25-36

Chapters 37-40

<3 Kate

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