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The Burgess Animal Book For Children Coloring Pages

I’m so happy to announce that I finished all of the coloring pages that go with A Gentle Feast curriculum’s coverage of The Burgess Animal Book for Children. We have loved doing Cycle 1 of A Gentle Feast this year. Each term of the curriculum, of which there are 3, includes 12 weeks of beautiful living books to read covering history, geography, natural history, nature study, and more! You spend your Form 1 Natural History time throughout the year in this book, as well as a few others.

I’m going to complete the remaining 4 chapters in the next coming days, but all of the term bundles are up in the shop!

Term 1: Chapters 1-12

Term 2: Chapters 13-24

Term 3: Chapters 25-36

This time around, the big cats were the most difficult to draw, but they were my favorite. Wanderhoof the Caribou is a personal favorite, I’d like to meet him in person.

This has been a really gratifying way to spend my free time over the last few weeks because it is so amazing to see the beauty of these animals. I really have a deeper appreciation for all of the animals that I spent time drawing. I can see why Burgess wrote about them, for no matter the size, they are all so majestic and amazing. I’m so grateful to share these with my children and others, and I hope they can be a blessing to your family or students as well.

Until next time, get out and about in your neighborhood Spinney <3 Kate

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