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Mice, a lot of mice

I finished the second installment of The Burgess Animal Book for Children, which covers Chapters 13-24.

This book by Thornton W. Burgess is one of our favorite resources from our year in A Gentle Feast Cycle 1, Form 1. It has been so fun diving even deeper into the book this last month while making these coloring pages. Can you imagine having this many mice on your camping blanket?

Thirteen mice on my camping blanket!

These chapters also include shrews, bats, skunks, and weasels. As well as, a badger and wolverine. From this installment, the hardest animals to draw were the mice because there were just so many of them! My favorite animal to draw was the Star-nosed Mole.

Check out that Star-nosed Mole towards the middle!

The last installment will be ready by the middle of June. It will contain the rest of the chapters, so check back soon!

Until next time, hope you enjoy the day! <3 Kate

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