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Fabric Scrap Wreath

Being a quilter, I have a lot of fabric scraps leftover and I really don’t like to waste anything. I had this wreath in my imagination for a long time. Last week, my daughter and I went to the craft store to get a few more supplies for it and I wanted to share it! It’s the perfect Spring edition to our front door stoop, but you can make it for any season and with any fabric scraps that you have on hand.


<3 At least one 8″, 10″, or 12″ wire wreath. Judge the size you need by how many fabric scraps you have. I had a bag of strips and was able to fill the 10″ frame. You can get them in a pack of a few like this:

<3 Various lengths and colors of fabric scraps; strips are preferred and you can cut larger pieces into 3/4″ – 1″ wide strips as well

<3 Floral wire, and something to cut it with

<3 A fun wooden bead wreath, we got ours at a craft store. Or you can get anything or make anything to decorate the front of your scrap wreath

<3 I used a Purple Thang, which I always find to be really helpful. It helped to push or pull fabric through the wire wreath frame as it filled in more.

You can find it here:


<3 First, you need to create the scrappy fabric part of your wreath by weaving strips in and out of the frame. You can get an idea of how to do this in the picture below. It doesn’t have to be perfect and you can layer strips over each other as well. Be sure to tie ends together at the front or back of the frame to secure your strips in place.

<3 This is how our scrappy wreath turned out before we added the wooden bead wreath:

<3 Next, cut 6- 4.5″ inch pieces of floral wire.

<3 Pull them through the fabric wreath, evenly spread throughout, and place the wooden bead wreath into the openings of the floral wire. I decided to tie them at the front in order to find them easily in case I want to take this apart and use it again to make another wreath. However, you can do it the opposite way.

<3 Twist the two wire ends together at the base of the wooden bead wreath a few times.

<3 Bend down and hide behind the wooden bead wreath.

<3 Repeat with all of the wires.

<3 We used one of our longer fabric scraps to make a hanger for our wreath:

I hope to post some more fun Scrappy Projects from my imagination again, so stay tuned!

Until next time, <3 Kate

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