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Slow and Easy

Those words never happen, or they never used to be our experience. Everything was “Fast and Difficult” when it came to our schedule and our commitments. The season of Advent doesn’t really mesh well with the way that we used to rush through our days. We would schedule things throughout the week in an attempt to capture the spirit of the season, but we would blow through the quiet and stillness needed to reflect and worship God. At the end of every day, every week, and every Christmas season, I would wonder how well I had used my time to thank God for his gift to us of Christ, his Son. I would grieve that I hadn’t taken the time required to tell my children why this season isn’t really about the presents, the stockings, or the toys that they really want. And then when they would open their gifts, I would feel guilty- because during the whole of December, I had only sporadically pointed them to the best gift of all.

This is a new way to experience Advent. It is harder, because the frivolity and gay, happy feelings that usually characterize the Christmas season have come to a bit of a standstill. But that also means that much of the distraction that we usually deal with is gone. There are other distractions, other temptations to dull our senses, or take our eyes off of Christ. But my prayer for all of us, is that we would use this time well. That we wouldn’t try to fill it with things, but that we would leave it open to wait and linger. That we would appreciate that each day is a celebration of Christmas.

Christmas Time in the Hundred Acre Wood.

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