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Summer Bucket List

Last week I mentioned two ways I wanted to prep for the summer. Here are two more things we are thinking about and getting ready for this summer:

1. Virtual Cooking Classes

Our favorite Virtual Class this past year was a cooking class that we took several times. We did some basic skills for beginners, fun themed classes, and even baking classes throughout the year:

Our cooking instructor, Chef Kim, has some classes already up for the summer which we are going to check out. There are options for kid’s cooking and baking classes, and even classes for adults who want to expand their skills: Around the World and Date Night classes. You can find her website here: Monkey Wolf Rooster. She is in the Eastern Time Zone, so you can choose what works for your schedule based on the time difference and your summer plans. You receive the recipes and ingredients that you need to buy and get ready during the week before the class and then you join on Zoom. I highly recommend it!

2. Camping!

This one is happening even before the Summer starts because we are going camping next week! I have not camped on solid ground in more than a decade. When we lived in Dubai we would often go camping for one night in the sandy desert. It was such a fun experience and you would often see camels as you were getting your tent ready.

Next week we are going camping for the first time since we have been back and we are so excited! We hope to do some more over the summer. This first trip will be helpful to know if we have what we need for ground camping 🏕. My son really wants to sit in his camping chair and watch the animals, we all really want to enjoy a fire and make some ‘s’mores, and my husband and I are excited to do a Potjie next week and some other cast iron cooking over the fire!

After this trip, we’ll come up with some more camping plans for the rest of the summer!

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Summer Time Prep

As the summer draws near, both in season and break time from school, I want to create a little list of fun goals and activities that we want to do as a family. So I’m going to think out loud on Fridays for a while. Call it a bucket list, wish list, or check list. I’m going to try and post 2 things we want to do this summer. We’ll be experiencing a bit of transition and our calendar is a bit up in the air, so I don’t want to lose sight of the fun things we want to do.

1. Work on our Transportable Garden

We were able to start some seedlings this Spring, and we have a few herbs that we still want to start, but we have to be able to move it all easily when the time comes. Yesterday, we spent some time transplanting our seedlings from small to larger pots.

Preparing a pot for some of our Gazania flowers, a perennial flower native to South Africa!
They are also called African Daisies or Treasure Flowers.

We also moved some Lavender to bigger pots very carefully so that they have more room to establish. Once they have two pairs of leaves, it’s time to move house! We’ll still keep them inside for a while since they need a lot of sun but warm weather. This was a few weeks ago – our first sprout with it’s first pair of leaves:

Lavender takes between 14-28 days to sprout

2. Finish School and Dream of Books to Read

We have a few weeks left of school before our summer break and we are getting really excited to plan some books to read over the summer. I have one independent reader:

Who is even reading as I type this 🙂

He often gets lost in stories, which warms my heart. It was not easy for me to learn how to teach him to read and I realized that from my side it takes patience, kindness, and a willingness to go slowly. Our reading curriculum was, of course, awesome in giving the lessons for me to go through and we appreciated it so much, but I needed to provide good space, direction, and support. As he continues to grow as a reader, I want to make sure to provide him with good books! So we are having an Usborne Party next week to make a wishlist. We have a lot of their books for younger readers, but we are excited to check out some of their intermediate reader titles.

Some of favorite resources from Usborne so far

I’m also looking into a Read Aloud Revival Premium membership for our family and I wonder if anyone else is a member? They have a great line-up this summer. Check it out

Until next time, <3 Kate