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The White Elephant

Every holiday season, one of my favorite things to do is to enjoy a White Elephant Gift Exchange. If you know me at all, you know that I love to laugh- sometimes a little too much. And personally, I think that should be a love language. If you are looking for mine, that is where to find it.

I know that many people are like me and wish they could laugh at the awful gifts they open up at the White Elephant Gift Exchange this year, but since many of us are wisely isolated and distanced that is not possible. If you are looking for something to do instead, look no further- we will send your White Elephant Gifts in the mail for you.

Featuring our version of the “White Elephant Gift”, a Snail Mail Surprise:

The Thumb Wrestle Ring and Prize

“1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a Thumb War.”

I always felt immense anticipation as I chanted this with my friends, oh the memories. Now you can give someone the chance to have official wrestling matches with this ring.

The Finger Scarf

A knitted or crocheted gift is a standard for this cold and merry season- Now you can send someone you love something crocheted with love…

The Nose Warmer

These are real things people make- nose warmers. Here is one you can wear carefully under a mask (joking, don’t let it impede your breathing since that’s hard enough with a mask on). 😉 You can also request a red one to match Rudolph this season. Just leave me a note in the note section at checkout.

A Gift Card

Another standard gift for the season, but this one is a little funnier. It’s just a playing card disguised. If you choose this one, maybe put a gift card in the mail for your friend right after they get this one. ;). They might be a bit disappointed. Haha

A Pair of Beets

Do you know someone who really likes music and wants or wanted a pair of Beats?…. I love this gift.

The benefits of these White Elephant Gifts- they are even cheaper than the usual limit ($3.25, with optional bundles) and they will be a big surprise. So check them out in our shop, on sale this December!

Keep on laughing!

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Snail Mail Revolution

This year has been a lot of things. But one thing is certain, we have all missed the opportunities for connection that we took for granted before the pandemic became our new reality. This has been heavy on many of our hearts especially as “what is okay to do” changes from time to time. It’s been heavy on my heart as well. So, I’ve been thinking of a way to help people send a little love through the mail. I want to join the #snailmailrevolution and give you an opportunity to join me.

I’m here to introduce our new collection of “Snail Mail Suprises” in our Etsy shop:

Our first new Snail Mail Surprise is the “Hug-a-Doll”

This is the perfect surprise for someone that you can’t see at the moment, but think of always. Comes with your choice of “Hug-a-Doll” made from fabric that you select. It includes a small separate note about what a “Hug a Doll” is: “A special “Hug-a-Doll” for you: to show you I care and to send you a little hug by snail mail!”

There’s a simple little handmade and hand-colored card and on the inside- I can include a note to your friend or family member. We have a “Hello Beautiful” card or “Miles Apart, Close at Heart” card to choose from. Write what you want inside the card in the note section before you checkout! I can send it straight to your loved one as soon as it’s made!

A Handmade Card with a Hug-a-Doll

Secondly, a Snail Mail Surprise for your Favorite Bookworms

Send a special note to your favorite bookworm with a handmade bookmark. Comes with your choice of bookmark, perfect for small chapter books! This is a smaller version of another bookmark in our shop. Simply select the fabric you want before check out. And it includes a small bookmark for them to color themselves! The simple little handmade and hand-colored card has a section on the inside where I can include a note to your friend or family member.

A Handmade Card with a Bookmark for your favorite Bookworm

Our Family’s Favorite: the Red Panda Gram

Send a special note to someone you love with a Red Panda Gram. Comes with a red panda sticker inside! It’s original artwork by me, and I had so much fun creating this little guy. There is a simple little handmade Red Panda card and on the inside- I can include a note to your friend or family member.

A Red Panda Gram

A Snail Mail Gift that Changes with the Season: the Tea Wallet

What in the world is a tea wallet? No one likes to buy tea from Starbucks – talk about expensive! Why not carry it with you so that you can enjoy your favorite drink too! Just grab a hot cup of water from your favorite cafe and add your own tea bag. Convenient to carry in a purse with you on the go.

If you really want to surprise someone this season- send them a little tea wallet in the mail! It’s like a little stocking stuffer in an envelope! Our Christmas version has nutcracker fabric, and this will change depending on the season. Include your message to your friend and family in the note section at check out and I will include it in the snail mail with a little handmade Christmas card!

A Nutcracker Tea Wallet for the Season

Just visit ConnorsRdCollective on Etsy and you can find our listings with all of the pictures to show our variations. Also, if you want special discounts, news, and fun- be sure to subscribe with your email to be a part of our Silly Old Pooh Club at and you’ll get a code for a free fabric bookmark with your first purchase in our shop! Just copy and paste the URL into your browser and you’re all set!

Join us in the Snail Mail Revolution and send a little love under 1 ounce to your loved ones!