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Spring Flowers

Spring is upon us and we are getting so excited to work in the garden. We started some seedlings this past weekend and can see some sprouts already coming up.

This is very exciting to my children as we have been reading “Little Flower Folks” with our Gentle Feast Curriculum. These first seeds are flower seeds. Through our studying this term, they will be able to identify the parts of each flower as they come up this Spring.

We have loved going through this book together and realizing the magic all around us. It has been entertaining to learn what plants and flowers were previously used for as well. Hepatica flowers were used for every kind of liver ailment because their leaves are “three-lobed like a liver.” “This method of medical treatment was called the ‘Doctrine of Signatures’ – every herb having its own sign by which it could speak to man and tell its mission if only man were wise enough to hear and understand.” — Mara Louise Pratt-Chadwick.

Something I like to use that is all natural while gardening is our Oarsman’s Friend Hand Salve. It helps with the skin’s protective barrier while working in the garden. The dirt is often what dries out our feet and hands in the Spring and Summer, so it is so nice to put on a layer of this hand salve after playing outside or gardening. My kids love it too.

Can’t wait to share more about our little Patio Garden and our Sprouts.

Until then, enjoy the dirt! <3 Kate