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Spar Leather Custom Orders

Wooden small boat spars are subjected to the amount of wear similar to that which oars are subjected. The leather panel protects the mast where it comes in contact with the partner. You can find individual spar leathers as a part of our “Jack Tar” Spar Leather Kits.

These kits were designed and developed by Rodger C. Swanson of Swanson Boat Company, a farm boy from North Dakota who spent his years around the Great Lakes and the North Eastern harbors gleaning everything that he could about traditional wooden boats. If you know him, you know that he can speak a lot on the subject. I began as his apprentice in 2020 which was very enriching and special because he is my father. He has since retired and is enjoying old boats, good books, and coffee into his golden years.

If you want to make a custom order for more than one panel contact us for prices and we will make a custom kit for you!

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Leather Spar Kits and Custom Orders
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 by Greg
Happy Customer

I was referred to Roger and Oarsman Tallow through Chase Small Craft when i was getting ready to step my mast and wrap my spars. I had a few great chats with Roger and for a reasonable price he sent me out custom cut sheets of leather plus tallow to treat the leather. I'm totally satisfied with my purchase and can confirm my spars look great!

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