The Burgess Bird Coloring Pages, PDF


The Burgess Bird Book by Thornton W. Burgess is a wonderful living book teaching children about common North American birds through story and description.  This coloring book is meant to be a companion to the book to guide your time and help your child savor each of the birds even more.  There is nothing that helps to identify different birds like learning color and feather patterns, observing details and enjoying it in the process.


The Burgess Bird Book by Thornton W. Burgess is a wonderful living book to include in your homeschool week. It is easy to follow for children and lends to learning and the imagination as it explores so many different types of birds.

When you purchase this resource for $8.00, you will receive a PDF book with 91 birds from The Burgess Bird Book.  There is also an index at the beginning that lists each bird’s “Burgess Name” with its Species.  There is also another version for older students that includes Coloring and Writing sections for each of the 91 birds.  You can choose either set as you enjoy the book together.  *This companion guide does not include the book.  Our favorite printed version of the book is The Living Books Press Edition that includes full color photos.

Print them for your children to color and fill out as you read the book aloud. Then you can compile them into Portfolio Binders for the term and year!

Wow!  There are so many birds in each chapter, you may be wondering, “Do we need to complete each bird?”  Here are some ideas if that seems overwhelming:  Try splitting them between your students if you have multiple children working through the book.  You can complete a family portfolio of all the birds that way!  Or just choose the bird from each chapter that is most interesting to your student.  Have them color that one as you read aloud.  The idea is to start paying attention to the wonderful birds around us and be able to build a foundation of birds that will grow into a lifelong pleasure.

You’ll also notice that some of the lines are shaded darker which is an indication to you and your student that there is a darker feather pattern in that area of the bird. Check out from The Cornell Lab if you want to color each bird in detail.  Simply type the bird’s name into the search engine and keep it open for them to study.

The Living Press Books link is an affiliate link which means that I would receive a small commission from the book’s sale.


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