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Quilted Custom Orders

Looking for a special item made just for you or a loved one?

Custom Items

T Shirt Quilt

T-shirts capture times from a particular season of life and a T-shirt quilt is the perfect way to keep those memories around for a long time. You provide the T-shirts or clothes and I work with you to find the rest of the fabric to make your blanket special.

Custom Quilt

If you have vintage blocks that you want to see transformed into a full quilt, I can help you to make that dream a reality! Again, we will work together to find fabric that really brings the look you are try

Memory Quilt

A memory quilt can be made from any type of clothing. It is a special gift for someone who has lost someone dear or who wants to preserve memories. I will work hard to find fabric to find the style, color, and fit for your budget. We’ll create a lasting treasure.

Monogrammed Blanket

New couples, those entering into a new season and exiting an old, or for someone who needs a special surprise. Monogram blankets can be made from soft sweatshirt material, minky fabric, flannel, or fleece

Past Orders
Memory Quilt made from Moo-moos
A Custom Quilt
T-Shirt Quilt
A Monogrammed Cuddle Camp Blanket
A Wall Hanging

Let’s make something great together.

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