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Chut-Chut, the Yellow-breasted Chat

Thornton W. Burgess writes about Chut-Chut being a little different from the other Warblers. He mentions the Yellow-breasted Chat’s difference in size, being a little larger than other Warblers, and even his cautious behavior. This is a really interesting case for those who love Natural History because at the time that “The Burgess Bird Book for Children” was written and up until the 2010s, the Yellow-breasted Chat was a part of the Warbler family. With further research over years and years, this bird’s size, difference in behavior, and taxonomy led to grouping it into its own family: Icteriidae. (source:

The best time to find a Yellow-breasted Chat is during the Spring, when they are most likely to be sharing all of their beautiful songs. You can listen to it’s varied songs and calls here: Yellow-breasted Chat Song by American Bird Conservancy on Youtube

Here is our gathering about this interesting fellow Chut-Chut:

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