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Summer Time Connection

Do you remember what it was like when summer drew near as a child? I spent my last weeks of school counting down the days and thinking about the big space of time that would just be mine. No school, few obligations, and so much new opportunity. I never really knew what the actual summer would hold, but the feelings that would kick in before school ended were always expectation, excitement, and wonder.

Then REAL summer would hit, and I would be less in awe. I would struggle with going outside because of the Texas heat. My friends would have plans for the day and I would get discouraged that I didn’t have anything to do. My heart would get let down when the feelings of expectation didn’t ever really seem to realize into anything. Activities that seemed exciting at the beginning of the summer also took on the feeling of obligation and I would dread going to the camp I had asked my parents to sign me up for.

Does anyone relate?

We feel much less of this when we are adults because we have more control in making decisions for what we do and how we spend our time. We have the opposite problem of having too little time, while kids have what feels like endless time that can easily spiral into the doldrums. As adults we think that the doldrums can be overcome by scheduled activities. I’m realizing that the cure for this isn’t activity or the right activity, it’s relationship. When I was younger and looking longingly at what the summer could have in store, I had a craving for connection.

So far this summer if I’m honest, I’ve been operating out of an activity mindset instead of a relationship one. I’ve been looking at my schedule and what I need to accomplish every day and I’ve been trying to replace myself with different things to keep my kids busy. But my kids and my family are asking for ME not more activity.

Does anyone relate?

Until next time, keep fostering connection and let me know how you do this in your busy summer, <3 Kate

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