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AGF Year End Review

What’s the best way to look back at a school year? Here it is:

A stack of good books!

We finished A Gentle Feast Cycle 1! Look at how many great books we were able to read together. When I see these books I have memories, and guess what? My children also share those memories. This year in Form 1 our big highlight was learning what narration is and practicing it every day. It helped create a foundation of memories as we learned about Columbus, Conquests, and Colonies. A Gentle Feast has a great array of good books that show the reality of what happened during the period of exploration and conquest. It’s not an easy time period to study! It’s fully of stories where people came and took, and sometimes even destroyed. That’s why narration was so useful for us this year because we could actually talk about these things together and learn what was good and bad about this time in history. Our study of history will continue with this goal: to learn the facts and understand the development, but to sit and reflect on what really happened from all different perspectives and glean a world-view together. I would highly recommend A Gentle Feast when studying history together!

Is that book stack not big enough for you? Here’s another one:

Barnabas’ Book Stack

You know the funny thing about this stack? The skinnier books are from our curriculum and even though they are skinny- they were full of good stories that just burst out of them. They helped foster a deep love of reading in my son this year, so much so- that he wanted to read “The Chronicles of Narnia” and “The Wingfeather Saga” all by himself. I’m so proud of Barnabas when I see him beside this stack and think about the years of teaching him to read. They were not easy and we both grew through them! I’m so grateful that we were able to learn what amazing possibilities hard work can bring about.

Get ready, here’s one more book stack:

Shiloh’s Book Stack

This one is small, but it will only grow! Shiloh started to learn to read this year and she read these books by herself. I’ll have to post another stack for her at the end of the summer because she has already started trying to read more books! I’m so proud of this girl and her love for reading.

Last week, I ordered the next cycle and I’m really excited to have it in my hands soon! I’m grateful that we can spend some time resting together this summer and getting outside after a great school year together.

Happy Summer! <3 Kate

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