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Summer Reading List

I have not had a lot of time to read outside of what we are reading together aloud for school during the day. It always takes me awhile to find the extra time to do that after having a baby- and I no longer can use nap times in the afternoon to read. But it is certainly on my bucket list to find some good reads this summer. I have two things I’m going to start on and I always love a good suggestion.

1. “Home Education” by Charlotte Mason

I’ve read this book electronically, and I’m so excited to start on a physical copy this summer with tea and highlighter in hand. Charlotte Mason’s volumes are wonderful to read- they are so rich in good things and great reminders as you plan for the next year while enjoying summer together with your children. I’ve heard so many people say to go slowly through her works, and re-read them, not necessarily in order. I’m excited to have some good things to think on this summer.

2. “Gentle and Lowly” by Dane Ortlund

This is a book I have wanted to read for awhile, and my best friend sent it to me as a surprise a few months ago! I’ve been holding out to finish a few other books that I was reading with people and I’m finally at a place where I can start this. I love this review of the book:

“The Puritans breathed Christ-centered practices: they embraced the Bible as a lifeline, exercised it like a muscle, and relied upon it like a bulletproof vest. They knew how to hate their sin without hating themselves because they understood that Christ’s grace is an ever-present Person, a Person who understands our situation and our needs better than we do. They understood that we suffer because of sin. Dane Ortlund masterfully handles a treasure trove of Puritan wisdom and deftly presents it to the Christian reader. Read this book and pray that the Holy Spirit reveals Christ to you as the Puritans understood him, and you will be refreshed to understand God’s grace in a whole new way.”

Rosaria Butterfield

Hope you get some good reads on your list! <3 Kate

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