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Week 2 Round-Up

What did we do last week? We had some good discussion and shared some great recipes and good ideas for cast-iron cooking! If you’re new to our Cast Iron Journey 2021: How to Join In

Here is last week’s round-up:

Our discussion kicked off with the question “What type and brand of Cast-iron do you have?” If you haven’t seen the question and answered, check it out. We know some people are “I got my Lodge at Target.” Some people are actually collectors and some people have cast-iron passed down from their family, like an heirloom. We are interested to know what kind of cast-iron you have! Personally, my first skillet was given to me by my father. He had it for a few years and then brought it with him in his suitcase when he came to visit us in Dubai! I have recently purchased two new cast-iron pieces- a large 16” and a 5 qt. Dutch Oven which I am excited about. Last week, my father also sent me a vintage skillet- a #5 Griswold to strip and re-season. What about you? Check out and answer here:

Our sharing on Instagram with #castiron2021 brought us some gems!

A quick meal idea that looked delicious and was super easy to make:

Cheesy cauliflower from Aldi- I have to check this out!

Weekends are the perfect time to make pancakes on our Cast-iron and these look so yummy!

5-Ingredient Semi-Instant Pancake Mix!

Recipe here:

And the yummiest looking frittata made from things leftover in the fridge, such an awesome way to use what we have and get the yummiest meal out of it:

Our Facebook group, Cast Iron Journey 2021, posted a lot of great ideas last week:

You can check out our recipe contribution and video here:

As promised, we also posted a video on how to season or re-season your cast-iron. The baking soda you see at the beginning is for re-seasoning my skillet. There was rust and gunk that needed to really be worked on. I used baking-soda and mild soap a few times to take care of that before seasoning it in the oven. Also, we recommend doing this process a few times to get some good seasoning on your cast-iron. Seasoning video found here:

This week we’ll post a video of how to maintain your cast-iron with our Kitchen Tallow and if you need some, you can find it here:

Happy Cooking everybody! We have folks all over the world joining us this year, so please check it out and join us. Even if it means to get your first cast-iron skillet to do it!

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