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My Little Workshop

When we moved to the States in May, I had no idea that 2 1/2 months later I would be creating and making during my spare time. Usually, I don’t have the time to do that between homeschooling and taking care of everything while my husband is at work. And that is especially true while having a newborn. But this is a very different season, and I’m grateful that I do have the spare time and it has been so fun!

My mom set me up with her little “Seweasy” table, a spare sewing machine, and an ironing/cutting board. Between school, during naps, and whenever I’m inspired, I’ve been able to sit down and create some things. I can even take a little break and enjoy a nice Keylime La Croix from my table fridge, haha!

Beginnings of a Shakespeare Table Quilt that I made

Check out my Etsy shop for some of the finished products!

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